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Relive the history of Njinga.  The African Diplomat Warrior

Njinga: The Diplomat Warrior® is an upcoming game based on true events, focused on exploration and non-violent content. Follow the historic path of Njinga, the cunning queen of Ngola kingdom while she helps her people resisting the european explorers and create diplomatic solutions for each challenge.


Key features

  • Women empowerment
  • Black History
  • Dialog as combat
  • Non-violent
  • Edutainment
  • Top-Down
  • Exploration

Minimum system requirements 

  • Quad-core CPU
  • Intel HD 4000 graphics card
  • 4GB RAM (32-bit must use virtual memory)
  • 300 Mb of disk space


* Njinga: The Diplomat Warrior® is compatible with standard computer keyboards and PlayStation® DualShock®4 Controller.


The current version of Njinga: The Diplomat Warrior® only supports English language. Portuguese and Spanish versions are under development. 


Selected Articles

  • "Follow the historical path of Njinga, the cunning queen of Ngola Kingdom", Nintenderos [SPA]
  • "A game based on Women Empowerment and Black history movements." - Carlos Silva, MoshBit Gaming [PT]
  • "Based on true events" GoNintendo [UK]
  • "This isn't about battles among person, but instead about diplomatic skills" NTowe [GER]
  • "Simple, but challenging",  PPLWare
  • "Talk, explore, and gather all data is essential in this game." - Tiago Nunes, GAMEHUB
  • "An interesting combat system based only in dialogues with several ramifications." - Telmo Couto, Meus Jogos [PT]

Awards & Recognitions

  • Nintendo Life Indie Spotlight [PAX 2020] - Official Selection

About Team Njinga

Founded in 2019, Team Njinga focuses on entertainment experiences with cultural value. Their first game is Njinga: The Diplomat Warrior® and it's being developed for PC platforms, alongside possibly versions for PlayStation® 4 and Nintendo Switch™.

João Gomes: Lead Game Artist

Ana Figueiredo: Game Artist

Octávio Silva: Game Designer (Narrative Designer)

Inês Borges: UI Designer

Marta Arnaldo: Video Editor and Marketing Artist

Tomás Longo: Game Developer

Additional information

Instagram: www.instagram.com/njinga.diplomatwarrior

Twitter: www.twitter.com/njingathe

Press-Kit: www.indiedb.com/games/njinga-the-diplomat-warrior/presskit

Game Testing and QA

If you can, please help us gather feedback about the current vertical slice version of Njinga: The Diplomat Warrior®. After playing, we would appreciate it if you could fill out the below form (takes no more than 5 minutes). Thanks in advance :) https://forms.gle/5upG3TdCmTb3Ur7YA

Njinga: The Diplomat Warrior® is currently under development and only the vertical slice is available at this moment. No release date for the full game is officially announced by Team Njinga.

Thanks for playing!






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